I tend to draw quick sketches and even more elaborate ones in a sketchbook. I've had several different types of books over time, and now I enjoy mostly ones that can handle wet media as well as dry.

A couple of pages from a journal from 2018. I most often combine thoughts with images.

Journaling has been a constant daily (or close to everyday) practice so several years. I don't think much about the content, as it depends what I'm doing that day or what's before me.

This page from my journal is fancier than most. I was playing around with illustrating cats in New York City landmarks. The setting for this one is Grand Central Terminal in the holiday season.

An sketch from maybe 2007 or 2008 of a angel relief on a house in Brooklyn Heights. I'm pretty sure the poet W. H. Auden lived there, because this accompanied a post about Auden in Walking Off the Big Apple. 

In 2016 I had an idea to make a drawing for Christmas Day.
This is a fictional NYC location, but I imagine the cat and the mouse are celebrating together on the Brooklyn Promenade. 

Before I first started Walking Off the Big Apple in the summer of 2007, I walked all over the city to lose weight. I showed the book of drawings I was making to an artist friend. He told me to put them on the Internet.
This is a quick sketch of the Titanic memorial at the South Street Seaport. 

When I started drawing in the city in 2007, I often made sketches of people sitting on park benches in Washington Square Park.

I suppose this bouquet drawing is not finished, but sometimes less is more.
When I compare this drawing to some other ones from recent days, I notice I have a casual style - a little nervous or anxious, with a sense of hesitation. My personality is like that also.

I love the lamposts in New York City parks. This one was in Fort Tryon Park, but it could have been in other places. From one of my sketchbooks.
I'm not rigorous about keeping my sketchbooks in chronological order. A few of the books contain sketches from different season, places, and years. 


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