Photos from New York

For the past fifteen years, I have regularly taken digital images of New York City for my blog, Walking Off the Big Apple, and for Instagram. The city has always provided a great subject. as so many photographers have proved. 

At last count, I have 22,000 pictures of NYC in my files.

The coronavirus pandemic has recently provided a rare opportunity to capture the city devoid of crowds.

The Hudson River School painters often worked in NYC as well. The same beautiful sunsets occur in the city as they do in the Hudson Valley. During sunsets, I enjoy turning around and watching the light on the urban environment.

My photography work is heavily influenced by landscape painting.

In the summertime, I am often drawn to the spectacle of the beaches.

In winter, I like the atmosphere of frosty interiors.

For the most recent winter, I have often taken long walks in the forest.


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